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Asian Brides Agency: Your Chance at Family Happiness

In our day and age, it's becoming more and more common for people to stay single. It's also less and less uncommon for people to have relationships just for the sake of it, without genuine passion or romance. It is no wonder — our lives are so busy that we hardly have the time even to go out and meet someone, let alone start a romantic relationship and wait until it naturally grows into something meaningful. It always takes time that we cannot spare, and leads us to assume that this special one simply doesn't exist or, at least, not within our reach.

It's widely discussed how Internet alienates people. But it can also connect lonely hearts — take Asian mail order brides services, for example. Online dating gives opportunities unimaginable in previous times –and it's far more convenient and effortless that our conventional dating, too. You can "date" whenever and wherever it's comfortable for you. More importantly, you have access to thousands of profiles of gorgeous women who are after the same thing you are — a passionate yet sensible relationship that will result in a happy and lasting family. With such variety, everyone can find a perfect match, regardless of what features of appearance, traits of character, or other details one may seek in a partner.

Western gentlemen dating Asian women

Interracial dating, let alone marriages, used to be a taboo practice. Some people (perhaps even someone you know) might still be reluctant to the idea. Today, however, it's apparent that there are no rational reasons for such taboos. And even if we go beyond the rational level, most gentlemen will admit that they feel allured by exotic cultures and the idea of dating someone whose cultural background is drastically different from theirs. Those who did try interracial or international dating will also admit that true love knows no cultural or language barriers. The drive to love and be loved is universal for people of all nationalities and ethnicities.

As such, if you're disappointed with your local dating scene, it should only be an additional reason for you to take your chance with someone from elsewhere — perhaps even across the globe. Just look at all those celebrities whose hearts hot Asian women have conquered — actors and rock stars, businessmen and politicians, and maybe even some of your friends. Apparently, marrying Asian beauties is a growing tendency, and tendencies always have firm reasons behind them.

Indeed, Asian women have proved to be equally desirable for both passionate romance and long-term relationships, as well as anything in between. Of course, it doesn't mean that every gentleman must find these women desirable, but since you're reading this, you must have at least some interest in them. In our article, we'll provide some information about what makes Asian brides so sought-after. We couldn't dream of covering all the benefits of having a lovely Asian girl as your lifetime partner, but we will mention the essential traits that make these ladies stand out.

What makes Asian brides incredible wives?

  • Longevity of a marriage. It's apparent that when one chooses potential wives using a search filter and refines all the possible traits and features, the chances of a successful and lasting marriage increase. With Asian brides, however, there's an additional factor involved. Once they set their mind on marrying and creating a family, they want it for life. As such, this beautiful girl will not see divorce as an option and will do everything she can to keep the marriage working. That's why international marriages with Asian mail order brides almost never lead to divorces, according to the relevant stats.
  • Age category. Some men feel embarrassed by it, but we must admit that younger women are usually more desirable for marriage than their more mature counterparts, even though exceptions to this tendency aren't all that rare. If you'd like to marry a younger girl, you'll be delighted to find out that most (about 60%) lady clients of mail order brides services are between18 and 25 years old and haven't been married before.
  • Cross-cultural communication. If you fail to find a woman to be your ideal match in your area, the reasons may be cultural. It may be that the women in your country don't coincide with your idea of femininity. If that is the case, then it only makes sense to seek out a soulmate from a different, more tradition-oriented culture.

The happiness of being married to an Asian wife

Asian women are as diverse in their traits as women in any other place, including your area. However, it's possible to draw a list of somewhat standard personality features that most beautiful Asian women will share because of their cultural background, still leaving much room for the lady to express her individuality and surprise you.

  • Advocacy of patriarchy. In many parts of Asia, women can enjoy equal rights with men in terms of education and career, but the man-shaming kind of feminism that you may or may not have encountered in your country has not set foot in these lands — not yet, at least. Children, including girls, are brought up in genuine respect toward the elders, especially the head of the family — the father. Surely, nobody is obliged to agree with him on every point, but they are taught to express their opinions privately, not to embarrass him and the entire family in public. Likewise, as the little girl grows up to be a beautiful Asian bride, she will express the same attitude toward the head of her new family — her husband.
  • Prioritizing family. An Asian woman can get the best education in the world and have a spectacular career, but that won't stop her from becoming an even more spectacular mother, even if she has to sacrifice her previous achievements for that. When that happens, she might take non-regular part-time jobs, but the role of the breadwinner will be left to the head of the family. Only when the children are out of the home will she consider re-embarking on a full-scale career.
  • Lifetime devotion. As we have mentioned, when young Asian girls choose to enter into a marriage, they expect it to be for life. They mean every word of their wedding vows with all sincerity. Whatever life may have in store for the couple, even an idle thought of betraying her beloved husband's trust will never cross her mind. It's just not in their culture code to divorce or re-marry. Making a marriage work and last is a must for them.
  • Ladylike looks and character. Asian ladies are a treasury of millennia-old secrets of preserving their natural beauty for decades. They are also no strangers to newer technologies aimed at the same goal. It's a no brainer to guess who's the biggest beneficiary here — the husband, of course, because he's the one who gets to enjoy it the most. Likewise, he will get to enjoy his Asian wife's flawless manners. These women are proud but not arrogant, mild-tempered but not timid, easy-going but not easy, — exactly the way one imagines a real lady.

Who Asian mail order brides are and who they aren't?

There are so many misconceptions circling about mail order brides in general and those from Asia in particular, that there are indeed some myths to debunk:

"All they're interested in is your wallet." Nobody is safe from encountering a genuine coldhearted gold-digger at some point in their lives, and Asian mail order brides websites are as good a place to find them as any other. However — believe it or not, Asian singles on these websites will often hold an academic degree and will always have a career to sustain money. They are quite capable of providing for themselves. So, financial matters are not their primary motivation. Their motivation is quite similar to yours: in brief, they cannot find a soulmate in their area, so they expand their search. And, of course, adventurous spirit and the desire to experience other cultures are in place, too.

"They are desperate to leave their s—thole of a country." In fact, most Asian countries are quite well off economically, and people can have all the opportunities they want at home. Moreover, they are always close with their families and wouldn't consider leaving them to settle somewhere across the ocean unless they meet someone special and are 100% convinced that they will build a happy family far from home.

"This whole endeavor is ungodly expensive." Since you are looking for the kind of woman that we have described, we might assume that you are a conservative-minded person. As such, looking for hot Asian girls to marry without being ready for it financially should be out of the question for you anyway. As for dating and marrying an Asian woman, it's easy to calculate the costs in advance:

  • The dating platform. Reputable dating platforms will charge for their services, even if only to ensure the genuine intentions of their users. You'll see that a portion of their features will be available for free, but just enough to give you a taste of their service. To enjoy the full range of their services, you'll have to upgrade to Premium. Those services will include advanced means of communication, including video chats, translator's services, and many other useful perks. The price of the subscription will usually begin from $20-25 per month, but it drops if you purchase a longer subscription plan — for several months or a year. Prolonged subscription plans are also recommended because, as an earnest gentleman, you must understand that a mere month cannot be enough to find the right lady and get to know her appropriately enough before you make the next step.
  • Travel-related expenses. When the time comes to meet in real life, the brides agency will most likely offer to have your travel arranged for you — from plane tickets and hotel reservations to tour guide services and other leisure. Still, you'll have to pay for it all yourself. For some countries, you may even require a visa, which may involve extra fees. Those expenses will vary from place to place, but it's always possible to calculate the necessary budget.
  • Dowry. In many parts of Asia, the tradition of compensating the family for their beloved daughter is still in practice. In some places, this tradition is purely symbolic, but in others, the amount of dowry may reach up to $15,000.

Connecting with Asian mail order brides

There are enough Asian women dating websites out there to leave even a seasoned online dater confused. Naturally, some of them are less trustworthy than others. That's why a healthy dose of precaution won't hurt. Picking the right dating platform for you isn't complicated at all. All you need to do is avoid rushing to sign up with the first website that turns out in your search results. Instead, you'd better take your time and read through the customer feedback of a particular service to get the idea of what users like about this particular website and what irks them.

The best Asian dating sites will often have a non-moderated feedback section right there on their website. There are also third-party websites that aggregate customer reviews and testimonials about this niche. They also usually have professional writers review various dating websites, and those reviews may be even more insightful. Putting it briefly, researching about those websites and becoming well-informed won't take too much of your time and effort, but it will undoubtedly be well worth it. In addition to being able to tell a trustworthy website from an ill-intended one, you'll become aware of all their details — target audience, range of services, prices, etc. It will help you pick the right dating platform where you can meet Asian women safely and efficiently, regardless of whether you prefer a hot Asian teen or a mature woman who knows life.

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