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The Growing Popularity of Russian Brides

When people talk about western women, they often mean French, British, or German women. You hardly ever hear people talk about Russian brides. Actually, most of the attention goes to Asian women or African gals, while Russians remain a mystery. Well, some people may be missing out, but you can grab this opportunity to find Russian wives.

Of course, you can find Russian brides online. You may see some beautiful Russian women in your local area, but the chances are they are no longer single or simply not what you look for in a wife. You need as many options as possible. Other than that, going outside and hoping to bump into a perfect woman is wishful thinking at best. If you are earnest and decisive about finding your match, you need the right spot to start looking. It’s best to start at a Russian brides club online.

But the big question is: Do Russian women make good wives?

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Top Facts of Russian Mail Order Brides

Although a mystery, everyone knows a Slavic girl when they see one. They boast unique beauty that makes them stand out among women from other parts of the world. Many men don’t know they want this kind of beauty until they see it for themselves. Their beauty is not a gift from genes alone. Russian women had to work diligently to maintain their pristine look.

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How Young Russian Women Maintain Their Beauty

This includes maintaining a good diet, an active lifestyle, and a fashionable wardrobe. How does that translate into being brides?

For one, if a woman who shows this level of commitment tells you how eager she is about the relationship; her activity isn’t just for her longevity alone. Russian girls understand that their looks will ultimately be one of the decisive factors about the success of their relationships. While personality also plays a role, beauty will always be the first thing men notice. If you cannot even take care of your own body, how can others trust you to care for anything?

Maintaining a healthy diet is not easy, especially if you live in America. If you want to eat healthily, you have to cook for yourself. Following a quality diet means that the food itself must be delicious enough. Any hot Russian women you have seen and dated can prepare palatable and healthy dishes. Food is one way to anyone’s heart, and Russians have exceptional culinary skills. Imagine what it is like to come home and find the food ready on the table and the aromas that make you drool.

If you are into an active lifestyle or are looking to getting into it, then your Russian wife will be your perfect companion. Maintaining a slim body requires a healthy diet and an effective workout regimen, and Russian ladies know both. When we say exercise, we don’t mean bodybuilding. But if you are into that sort of thing, your companion can help you out, too. Even if not, her cooking alone is enough to keep you energized and healthy.

Young Russian gals are also fashion-savvy. They know which dress they should wear to flaunt their best assets. Beautiful Russian women know just how to catch men’s eyes. Your hot Russian bride can help you in this area too if you are struggling to come up with the right outfit.

But knowing how to maintain one’s look is not sufficient. It helps to produce a first impression, but how long the relationship lasts depends on the personalities of the couple.

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Common Personality Traits of Russian Wives

As mention earlier, a marriage only lasts so long as the husband and the wife are compatible. Russian gals certainly behave like one in many ways. They are both independent and loyal.

Beautiful Russian women learn to live independently. They believe that depending on someone would make them a burden, which is something they don’t wish upon anyone. If you have been dating Asian women in the past, you may already be tired of their dependent tendency. Dating these women will be a breath of fresh air.

In a way, your wife is your best friend and lover. She’s always fun and knows how to cheer you up. Being sympathetic is one of their many qualities. They will listen if you are willing to open up.

Simply put, if you ever marry a woman like this, there will never be a dull moment with her around. She will make you feel like a million bucks.

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Hot Russian Brides & Where to Find Them

Ever more men are chasing after young Russian wives online because of their increasing popularity. If you wish to date single Russian women online, you must find the right way to seek them. Any dating agency can get you started on your search. Finding the right mail order Russian brides site will be challenging, considering that these services’ popularity has led to an increase in fraudulent platforms. Here is our guide on how to find, meet, and start dating single Russian women:

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Explore International Dating Sites & Find a Wife

The Russian mail order brides market is saturated, so you may run into bad sites that claim you could “buy a Russian bride.” This is either a blatant scam site or a cheap attempt to get a few clicks from you. Money cannot buy love. Here’s how to tell if a platform is reputable and worthy of your time, money, and effort:

  • Reviews: Some sites host testimonials of their users who express how great the sites are, but we recommend you ignore those. Instead, do your research from third-party review sites as they offer more honest opinions.
  • Price: It should be obvious, but it is worth understanding exactly how the dating website offers its services. Registration is free, but you have to pay to gain access to additional perks that are the most helpful in finding and communicating with hot Russian brides. Some sites have a subscription-based system where users pay periodically (once every 1, 3, or 12 months) so they can get unlimited access to all features. Others are more flexible. Users only pay for features they need, such as unlimited messaging, video chat, or advanced search filters. We recommend you find a dating website that offers the latter. It is also a nice idea to study their refund policy just in case.
  • Contact information: All dating sites have their customer service contact information in the form of email or phone number. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you can reach them, though. It is wise to check if the customer service is responsive. Try emailing them about your registration problem. You should look for other sites if they take too long to respond, if at all.
  • Services: The most well-known dating services such as Tinder, merely offer a platform where people could be connected. On the other hand, marriage sites with beautiful Russian brides have far more to offer. You should look for one that helps you plan your visit to Russia by helping prepare your visa, booking accommodations, and finding a guide or a translator if needed. In other words, you don’t have to worry about these tasks when you take your relationship with a hot Russian woman to the next step. Other than that, the site should help you in marriage as well, especially with relocation and visa.
  • Security: When dating services go so far as to facilitate relationships that may end in marriage, security is key. This means protection against fraudulent acts and the protection of the users’ data. Fraudulent acts go both ways. To prevent people from posing as Russian women for marriage to steal other user’s money and data, all Russian women brides are required to verify their identity by submitting their ID card or passport. To protect Russian brides from kidnapping attempts or worse, men are also required to verify their identity the same way. This creates a safe environment for users all over the world to mingle without the worry of scams. Make sure you understand how the verification system works before you register to the dating site. What about cases in which the site scams its users? There are a few ways to tell if that is the case. If you are required to provide your credit card upon registration or verification of your account, it is a scam website. If its layout is bare and you cannot find terms of service, privacy policy, and the like anywhere, you should leave. A reputable website is transparent.
  • Resources: A reputable dating site should have a handy guide to help users understand the Russian culture before they begin to date Russian women. Such knowledge helps you avoid conversation pitfalls that could make a date turn foul in an instant. You should give it a read before you register, so you know what to do (and expect) when dating these beauties. Plus, when your date will be impressed by the fact that you went the extra mile to study her culture beforehand.
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Be Patient when Choosing Your Match

We understand the excitement of finding that perfect match. Perhaps the first few dates went well, and you are ready to make the next step. Maybe your texts back and forth with her keep you glued to your phone, and you have never felt more loved than ever. Still, we recommend you to remain patient. It is better to get into the right relationship later than to get into the wrong one now just because you two are passionate at the start. Get to know each other well. It should take about a year or two before a long-distance couple knows each other inside and out. So, don’t rush things.

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Why Single Russian Women Sign Up?

It’s not easy to generalize because ladies choose to become Russian mail order wives for a variety of reasons. Local men may fail to impress them, so they refer to online dating instead. Some ladies simply want to explore new options. It’s only fair because you don’t want to pick a wrong spouse when the right one is just in another country. In reality, it doesn’t matter what the reason is. All they need for is a husband who would love and appreciate them. This is what matters to them most.

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What Single Russian Ladies Need in a Husband?

There are many things that Russian girls find attractive in men, but such preferences are not any different from that of other women, in other countries. If you can do the following, you stand a good chance of winning the heart of your perfect match:

  • Independence: Russians are independent, but they appreciate a man who can be in charge. This shows that you are decisive and can make important decisions when the time comes. Whenever you are in her company, take the initiative and lead the conversation. You can also bring her gifts. Small tokens of appreciations such as flowers or chocolate quite suffice.
  • Reliability: Show that you are reliable in the simple things such as paying attention when your lady is talking, showing up on time, and dressing appropriately for the occasion.
  • Romance: Of course, the only difference between best friends and lovers is romance. Without it, you will easily slip into the friend zone. Whenever you are out with your date, take every opportunity to show her how much she means to you. Just like the gift, it does not have to be much. Just showing your appreciation is enough. Just don’t be helplessly romantic, and you should be fine. It is okay to tease her and be playful for a bit as it helps release the tension. In short, just treat her with respect.
  • Being yourself: Whatever you have read about Russia and its women should not influence your opinion or how you should act around them. It is better to show them your true self now. If your personalities are incompatible, it is better to break off now than five years later. You only need the basic insight from your research so you can avoid pitfalls that would abruptly end the relationship.


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